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Wren and Ivy



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A Game Strap Made From Durable Brindle Leather 
Our straps made from durable leather and waxed Filter Twill canvas.
This leather game strap comes together to make a game strap that is as handsome as it is functional.

Perfect for large game birds
Included are detachable stringers made for twelve larger game birds.
This game strap made perfect for ducks, pheasants, and geese. The detachable stringers equipped with swiveling, dark antique, solid brass trigger snaps.
These game strap trigger snaps create easy movement from any of the six solid brass D-rings. This versatile system makes it easy to balance your quarry for the walk home.
The Game Strap has suede backing to help prevent slipping.

Have a good hunt?
Also included is an adjustable chest strap for securing the Game Strap to your shoulder.
Our Stringers can also detach for use with any other Wren & Ivy Sporting and Travel Gear.
As with all Wren & Ivy Sporting and Travel Gear monogramming included. Limited lifetime guarantee.
Available in two sizes.

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