After years of searching for the perfect gear for waterfowl and upland game hunting we grew restless. We wanted products with the modern advances that make today’s gear functional, but we also wanted the classic styling that is more Nash Buckingham than tactical operator. We couldn’t seem to find this mix of classic styling and modern functionality.  It is out of this search that Wren & Ivy was born.

At Wren & Ivy we know that moment just before shooting light when you realize this could be your best day yet.  We know that confidence in your ability does not mean a lack of humility. We know what it is to work all year to spend these few fleeting days afield with family and friends.  Wren & Ivy is founded out of this common love for the field, rooted in the traditions and ethics of the sporting lifestyle, and proud of our hunting heritage.

"Beginnings Of A Legacy"