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 When we set out to design a new product here at Wren & Ivy it is always to fill the needs of our customers. Long overlooked in our waterfowl community is the group affectionately known as “Duck Hippies”. You know, the guys that exclusively drink microbrew, have more tattoos than a biker bar, only listen to vinyl records, wear skinny jeans under their waders, don't own a t-shirt less than twenty-five years old (even if they're only twenty three), run an Etsy shop and smell like a mix of wet dog and patchouli. You know who you are, and we have answered your call and proudly introduce the new “Duck Hippie Hair Tie”. That’s right, no longer do you need to use that rubber band from your overpriced, Whole Foods, organic asparagus spears to hold up that mop. Our new 5/8 inch wide custom elastic hair tie is just the thing, and, when not in use, it pairs perfectly with your Johnny Depp style custom-leather cuffs. This product is also ideal for hipsters, skaters, surfers, those of us who decided not to cut our hair after they opened the barber shops back up two years ago and, oh FEMALES…

Released April 1st, 2022

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